Security is all about monitoring and evaluating

On Thursday 6 June 2024 we have prepared another workshop for third year students Secondary Private School of Computingwith which we have long been cooperating and the CEO of ITS, Mr. Lumír Srch, this time tried to introduce the students to the principles of cyber security, from the basics of the Internet to trends in analytics and monitoring.

Right from the start, the tricky question of what happened on this day exactly 80 years ago came up.

On purpose, would you know?

The question was, of course, directed at the anniversary of Operation Overlord, which helped fundamentally turn the tide of World War II. The stepping stones from that wartime action to today's workshop were consistency, preparedness, vigilance, planning - in short, attributes that are also common to the field of cyber security.

The primary objective of the workshop, entitled "Security is all about monitoring and evaluation", was to show students what the technological possibilities are today, to share our experience with them and last but not least to let them try out access to different systems, whether for detection, analytics or monitoring of cyber attacks. We took a closer look at topics such as network perimeter, micro segmentation, explained the principles of zero trust and touched on the workings of modern next-gen antiviruses.

We were pleased that the students actively participated in the workshop and had many not only factual, but often really interesting questions. In a small survey we also asked whether they had an idea about their future direction and it was interesting to see who already has a clear idea about going to university or who already sees themselves in a particular IT profession.

There are undoubtedly some promising future professionals with the right passion for the cause growing up among them - and we are looking forward to meeting them on the job.

We are glad that the "boys" perceived the whole workshop not only as a pleasant diversification of teaching, but also appreciated the fact that through us they had insight into other areas, tried tools outside the usual possibilities of school teaching and had the opportunity to ask questions about specific issues.

We also consider this to be a good thing, we are very supportive of education in general and such events, however demanding in terms of preparation, time and energy, make a lot of sense to us.

Last but not least, we wish the students success in this year's and final exams - hopefully our anti-stress balls will serve them well :).

We look forward to working together again next time!

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