Secret Double Octopus

Free your business from the pain of a password. Secret Double Octopus (SDO) is a simple and secure passwordless login tool. Replace passwords across your organization with strong passwordless authentication that your users will love..

What is the Secret Double Octopus?

SDO is a passwordless login tool developed to facilitate access to devices or networks while maintaining maximum security rules. Eliminate the paper signs with passwords stuck around the office, for example, and take advantage of biometric login options.

Main benefits

  • Make your users forget their passwords, SDO replaces vulnerable passwords with passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • save IT support costs by reducing the number of password incidents (according to statistics, they account for up to 40% of helpdesk incidents)
  • Use MFA across all systems, whether on-premise, cloud, online, offline. One authentication rules them all.
  • Replace static, user-defined passwords with machine-generated and regularly changed passwords that you control, not your users
  • Choose your authenticator - Octopus authenticator, FIDO2 key fobs, or third-party MFA applications

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really a tool without passwords, or do they work somewhere in the background?

Of course, passwords can't be cancelled yet, it's also a piece of security to make sure you can access your data. DO sets up extremely secure passwords in the background that you, as the user, don't have to enter and remember. The password can be changed in the background every time you log in and you can see it securely in your app.

Do I need to be online to log into the device?

It's always better, and it brings simplicity and a better experience for the user. If you're offline, e.g. on a plane, you can authenticate via bluetooth or manually copy the password from a secure app.

How much does a license cost and is it suitable for a smaller company?

SDO is a tool that can also be used by the end customer - an individual, the solution is not conditioned by the size of the organization, but it is necessary to meet defined prerequisites in order to deploy the service. Payment is on a monthly basis according to the number of users, we will be happy to send you the current price list.

Is it possible to test for free? (demo?)

This is possible, however, activating SDO requires integration into the existing infrastructure, so client cooperation is required. On our website there is a series of videos on how the service works.

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