Electrical revision of IT technologies

Leave your worries to us and have your IT equipment professionally inspected using a special method without downtime.

Often overlooked...

IT technology audits are often neglected, while IT technologies - servers, network elements, firewalls - are common appliances, such as kettles, and have exactly the same responsibilities.

Why do regular reviews of IT technologies?

  • the inspection of electrical equipment is mandatory and is enshrined in several laws
  • in case of negligence, a fine of up to CZK 2,000,000 may be imposed
  • is an important prevention against electric shock and fire
  • audits are one of the basic requirements for ISO certification
  • insurance benefits are reduced in cases where the appliance has not had a valid inspection

Why with us?

The revision method developed by ITS allows the inspection of the appliance without downtime, which can be inconvenient in terms of economic losses.

The revisions we offer are performed exclusively by certified IT professionals who understand server technology. Our technicians are at your disposal throughout the entire cooperation.

Share your concerns with us

We offer you a monthly flat rate, where you get:

  • Performing the revision
  • Keeping the necessary documentation that meets the legal standards (labels, inspection report...)
  • Our assistance in the event of an inspection or special event (our technician physically attends the inspection)
  • Telephone or email support during working hours by ITS staff
  • Guarantee in the form of revision technicians meeting the qualifications according to § 9 of Decree No. .50/1978

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should IT technology be reviewed?

As with other electrical appliances, IT inspections and checks are mandated by law. Most of them fall into the category for which the deadline of once every 12 months applies.

How do ITS inspections differ from those of "regular" electricians who are also certified?

The fundamental difference is in our approach. Our review technicians are also server specialists, moving around the IT environment on a daily basis. A normal electrician looks at IT technologies as ordinary appliances, e.g. a server is normally disconnected from the power supply for checking, which may not be desirable especially in case of high traffic, not to mention the dependencies of individual elements. More information here (link to the revision detail page).

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