dTASK represents a new generation of smart business applications that digitise and simplify routine processes. The application acts as an assistant in corporate communication, collection and automated evaluation of responses.

About the app

dTASK represents a new generation of smart business applications that digitise and simplify routine processes. The application acts as an assistant in corporate communication, collection and automated evaluation of responses. It allows you to easily address users with simple and complex questions, get a text or multimedia response from them. The power of the tool is underlined by the possibility of automatic evaluation of responses, which allows to extremely reduce the response time.

Whether you're dealing with workplace safety, audits or remote site supervision, dTASK is uniquely suited for one-off or recurring activities. Save time when writing emails and creating documents.


  • the ability to create custom "tasklists"
  • preset templates for selected processes
  • choice of different evaluation criteria (yes - no, ROG, stars, custom)
  • setting the frequency and automatic generation of tasklists
  • choice of manual or automatic evaluation via AI
  • inserting attachments of all types even from mobile devices
  • QR codes
  • digital signatures
  • Notification
  • document archive
  • fault database
  • Calendar
  • management dashboard
  • reporting
  • different roles and permissions

Possibilities of use

dTASK is able to cover a wide range of processes in various industries. What you'll appreciate most is the ability to customize your assignment to your exact requirements with optional evaluation criteria and other features. Typically, you will use it primarily in the following areas:



Internal audit

Through DTASK you can handle internal and external audits of various types and with all the necessary details. Users answer prepared questions by selecting from possible answers, by writing down the findings in combination with multimedia attachments (photos, videos). In case of non-compliance, a direct solution to the identified problem can be initiated in the form of corrective action. Subsequent actions can be either manually solved or automatically generated according to a predefined scenario. With DTASK, you simply assign a task to an individual or an entire group, set a deadline and have a detailed record of everything. Within DTASK, you can concentrate all the necessary documents and supporting documents for the audit itself, which you can then easily carry out within the application.


Occupational safety and health and safety

ISO certification

In order to achieve certification - whether it is a quality management system (ISO 9001), occupational health and safety (ISO 45001), information security (ISO/IEC 27001) or, for example, an environmental management system (ISO 14001) and others according to the relevant standards, one of the basic requirements is the implementation of the Systems Approach of the organization. DTASK will help to efficiently and centrally keep all the necessary agenda for meeting these criteria, as well as the records of the actual inspections or training related to this area.

Occupational safety and fire protection are legal obligations of every employer. DTASK effectively helps with prevention, where it is good to trust but verify. You can schedule regular inspections, provide photo documentation and, in the event of major irregularities, automatically trigger the remediation process.



Control of compliance with obligations

The field of compliance is very broad and varies from company to company; you will face different requirements in engineering and quite different ones in healthcare, for example. DTASK allows you to create templates for your own processes, whether it is a simple familiarization of employees with the directive, or the creation of more complex questionnaires to collect and evaluate additional data, documents for various audits and so on. DTASK can thus be used to collect feedback, escalate issues for resolution and other actions.

It is important to trust your employees and suppliers, but it is equally important to carry out spot checks and monitoring of compliance. In a small organisation this can be done in person, but in a larger organisation DTASK can help you get the answers and documents you need.

Let us know what process you need to cover and we'll help you digitise it.


Facility management

Regular check of the hotel

With the DTASK app, you can quickly handle all the necessary control processes, for example within a hotel facility. Whether it's the cleanliness of the toilets with recorded regular maintenance, the condition of the reception or lobby, or other activities that you still have to deal with on paper. You can use the app to make all employees aware of the policies, or to create any questionnaires, all with detailed records. A range of assessment criteria is available, and you can work with QR codes to easily retrieve the relevant section for inspection. Of course, there is the option of optional data storage or the possibility of maintaining a database of the most common defects.

You don't have to adapt your processes to a non-compliant template, DTASK adapts to you.



Employee onboarding process

Within the app, you can easily and completely handle the onboarding process of a new employee. From the delivery of entry documents, to passing a medical examination, to the allocation of IT equipment or scheduling mandatory training. All with a detailed record of the completion of each step, with the possibility of setting up sequences and electronic signatures. So you'll always have all the information you need in one place, and you'll never miss an important document again. Of course, you can also use features such as bulk tasks, work with groups of users or set up notifications. Take advantage of pre-set templates or create your own form in an intuitive environment, which you can either evaluate yourself or have automated by artificial intelligence. Save your time for more meaningful activities and get routine work done in no time. Across the organization, across branches, with real-time feedback.

In the field of HR, DTASK is typically used for creating, collecting and, above all, evaluating various types of questionnaires, motivational or evaluation interviews and other similar processes. All with the possibility of setting different evaluation criteria or follow-up steps. You can conveniently transfer the entire necessary workflow into the application.


Employee training

Regular quarterly staff training

The DTASK application also allows you to plan, record and remind employees of scheduled training or courses that need to be completed within the job. Even for a smaller company, you can't avoid a variety of training at different frequencies for different employees, from mandatory to optional. The DTASK app is a tool you will appreciate if you need to communicate to multiple employees across multiple locations, even on a global level.

DTASK's ambition is to help companies better organize their time, which they can spend on more meaningful activities than tracking down who received which email and when. Simple central record keeping, notifications, working with existing user identities and the ability to hold all the necessary data securely within one application are features that will be appreciated not only by HR staff or team managers.



Creating your own templates

DTASK is an application that allows you to set up your own workflow for routine, but also ad hoc activities - those that you need to solve quickly, to have a record of them, to be sure that each employee has received the task and in the necessary time it will be completed either directly by him or by someone from the work team. An application that, in case of non-compliance, alerts other employees according to set rules and can escalate the problem in real time. Typically, this can address regular branch and shift inspections, equipment inspections, or perhaps a random production line inspection. For example, you can transfer to the application the collection of documents for various audits and much more.

We will be happy to help you with the initial setup of a suitable scenario, and you will see for yourself that working with the DTASK application is very intuitive.


  • saving time of middle and senior management
  • replacement of emails and paper documents
  • reduced response time in case of detected irregularities due to automation
  • evaluation of answers
  • escalation of problems in cases of critical findings
  • predictability, traceability and authenticity of communication
  • getting answers quickly to one-off or recurring questions
  • visually clear reporting

Technical information

  • separate user management
  • availability in the web browser and on mobile devices
  • no installation or other user-side setup required
  • we look at security - data is transmitted encrypted
  • the history of data processing and movement is tracked up to the final report
  • data is not stored on end devices
  • on-premise or cloud - secure operation in ITS cloud on IBM, Lenovo and VMWare technologies

Price list dTASK for download

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