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How do IT departments work together?

Any collaboration is always about IT synergy on both sides. We won't replace your team, but we will complement it with the experience of our specialists and take on some of the responsibility. .

What do I gain by working with ITS?

At ITS, we work exclusively with technologies that we trust and have tested ourselves. By working together, you will gain the experience and knowledge of our experts and a broad competence especially in the field of cyber security.

Will you provide the necessary service and maintenance in addition to HW supply?

We have a team of certified technicians with many years of experience that proactively takes care of our clients to keep their technology running smoothly and is ready 24x7 to resolve any malfunction.

What servers do you supply?

We mainly supply servers made by Lenovo and IBM.

Like supplying data storage?

We mainly supply storage from Lenovo and IBM from basic models to advanced metro cluster configurations. A significant part of our deliveries is also IBM tape storage.

Who provides support and configuration of the delivered solutions?

Our technical and business specialists will guide you through the entire process of designing and implementing a solution. Then, depending on the level of the contract, we provide 24x7 monitoring, proactive support, updates, troubleshooting within a guaranteed time or on-demand assistance.

Do you supply other devices than the IBM and Lenovo brands?

If the customer wishes YES, however, due to our experience and knowledge we prefer Lenovo and IBM.

Do you also supply network elements?

YES, always according to the suitability and technological needs of the project. We focus mainly on Cisco, HP, Fortinet and for price-sensitive solutions from FS.

Are you in the business of supplying security technology?

YES, we primarily offer our SEC SaaS technology - security as a service. For on-prem solutions, we prefer Fortinet and Palo Alto.

Does the collaboration include an initial analysis?

Yes. In order to design the most appropriate and effective solution for a given client, we need to get an overview of the current situation. We are able to prepare the initial analysis completely independently or free of charge as part of the cooperation.

What all can you address under the term cyber security?

Just as the concept of cyber security is broad, so can the scope of our services for your organization be. We can provide the essentials from email protection to comprehensive security for your entire environment including applications, access to and from the Internet, and last but not least, data backup and recovery services.

Can I use existing technology?

Yes. We always try to make the most of the equipment and technology that the customer already has.

Can you adapt a standard solution to our business needs?

Yes, and it is one of the main benefits of working with us. We always look for the most suitable and also the most affordable solution in relation to the given needs of the company or organization with regard to requirements, usage, etc.

Can you offer security as a service?

YES, this is exactly the case where cloud services bring a number of benefits. The client gets enterprise technoogy and support in the service that they don't have to invest and train staff. They get everything as part of the service.

Why use cloud solutions?

The cloud is not always about processing data and running applications off client premises, it's all about access and abstraction. You draw a service and you don't need to know in detail how it works technologically.

What does the use of cloud-based ITS services bring to clients?

Even smaller customers have the chance to financially access cutting-edge enterprise technology and support thanks to ITS cloud services. A smaller company can't procure the technology they need, and by sharing it in the cloud, the cost of acquisition and support is spread across many clients.

What is Digital Transformation?

It is a replacement of the traditional approach by digitisation, i.e. a change from the usual paper/phone-based activities to a mobile or other app equivalent.

Are you involved in custom application development?

Yes, we are. We have particular experience in the development of B2B applications such as supplier relationship management, shift planning, digitalisation of common corporate agendas to more complex systems across different segments and global markets.

Do you have experience with developing applications for foreign markets?

YES, all our applications are automatically multi-language. Our analysts, developers and support are used to working for customers from Asia to America. Accept local differences, lol rules and needs.

Can I come to you as an end customer with a Lenovo or Apple product?

Yes, of course. Our service points also serve end customers for Lenovo and Apple. We can handle minor repairs for you the same day. Stop by the branch or make an appointment (link to service points)

How does Lenovo and Apple service work for business customers?

You can of course contact our service points and bring the equipment yourself. In case of interest and a higher number of devices in operation, we can pick up the device directly at your premises by our driver or carry out repairs on site.

When should I consider moving to VMware Tanzu?

VMware Tanzu is a platform with a number of features that allow for modernization of existing applications and rapid development. One part is the Kubernetes platform with tight integration to other VMware technologies. It will be appreciated by developers and even administrators for whom management is integrated into existing VMware tools.

Do I need to be a VMware customer to use Tanzu?

YES, VMware Tanzu is a VMware product and can be obtained as a rental.

How big does an organization have to be to deploy Tanz?

VMware Tanzu has different editions, the smallest can satisfy smaller companies and startups.

What are the biggest economic advantages of Tanz?

Synergy with the existing VMware environment and the experience already gained in its management. No need to start from scratch and learn a whole new technology.

Is it true that Carbon Black has been able to catch 100% of threats so far?

YES, in the last antivirus comparison test VMware Carbon Black caught 100% Malware and importantly with zero false detections.

How does the whitelisting principle work?

Unlike traditional antivirus, VMWare Carbon Black does not search for malicious code, but monitors what operations each application performs and allows only authenticated applications to run. Therefore, it can detect threats that have never been detected and described before.

Will Carbon Black protect against unknown ransomware attacks?

YES, it's by monitoring the behaviour of sensitive applications and blocking non-standard behaviour.

How is Carbon Black managed?

Carbon Black is a fully cloud-based service, so you can use it to manage devices on your corporate network and at home.

What is the system complexity?

Compared to traditional antiviruses on devices, it uses a minimum of memory and CPU and is significantly more efficient.

Can you help with the preparation of the data centre project?

Of course, we are happy to advise and share our experience.

Do you have experience with DC migration to another location?

We have a track record of successful data centre migration projects of varying scale, from a few elements to large halls, from metropolitan to international.

Do you also provide services such as domain hosting and related services?

We primarily provide so-called managed services. If they need domain registration and its operation, we will of course arrange it.

What does the data room look like?

Since their beginnings, data halls have undergone a long series of changes, both in size and especially in technology. It's a place where your information systems should be safe, both in terms of defending against attackers and maintaining continuity of operation, and it doesn't matter whether it's your own premises, a leased space with a provider or a virtual space.

What about statutory electro-reviews?

From a technology perspective, IT elements are electrical appliances, just like a kettle, but they are often forgotten by placing them in data centres. However, this does not exempt their owner from the obligations laid down by law.

How often should IT technology be reviewed?

As with other electrical appliances, IT inspections and checks are mandated by law. Most of them fall into the category for which the deadline of once every 12 months applies.

How do ITS inspections differ from those of "regular" electricians who are also certified?

The fundamental difference is in our approach. Our review technicians are also server specialists, moving around the IT environment on a daily basis. A normal electrician looks at IT technologies as ordinary appliances, e.g. a server is normally disconnected from the power supply for checking, which may not be desirable especially in case of high traffic, not to mention the dependencies of individual elements. More information here (link to the revision detail page).

Is this really a tool without passwords, or do they work somewhere in the background?

Of course, passwords can't be cancelled yet, it's also a piece of security to make sure you can access your data. DO sets up extremely secure passwords in the background that you, as the user, don't have to enter and remember. The password can be changed in the background every time you log in and you can see it securely in your app.

Do I need to be online to log into the device?

It's always better, and it brings simplicity and a better experience for the user. If you're offline, e.g. on a plane, you can authenticate via bluetooth or manually copy the password from a secure app.

How much does a license cost and is it suitable for a smaller company?

SDO is a tool that can also be used by the end customer - an individual, the solution is not conditioned by the size of the organization, but it is necessary to meet defined prerequisites in order to deploy the service. Payment is on a monthly basis according to the number of users, we will be happy to send you the current price list.

Is it possible to test for free? (demo?)

This is possible, however, activating SDO requires integration into the existing infrastructure, so client cooperation is required. On our website there is a series of videos on how the service works.

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